Residential Glazing Services

We are proud to offer a variety of residential glass services throughout the San Francisco Bay area. Our array of services includes:


Windows offer both beauty and security to your home. When a window is broken, it is important that it be replaced as quickly as possible. Replacing a window is typically less expensive than purchasing a replacement. You can rely on us to repair your window so that it will last longer and even work better than the original window. We specialize in providing a host of different residential glass services. Whether you are in need of window replacements, window screens, bay windows, window glass replacement, or garden windows, we have your needs covered. In addition to being able to cut any shape glass, we can also handle a variety of different glass patterns.


Our experienced team of technicians is also able to provide a variety of glass and glazing services for all types of doors. From installing a patidoor to allow you to enjoy greater access to your outdoor living space to installing bi-folding doors, our staff can give you the beauty and functionality you desire. We can also install new cabinet glass door products as well as hinged doors and even a new wardrobe door.


Mirrors can provide an element of beauty in any home. Our crews specialize in installing a variety of different types of mirrors. Whether you need a standard vanity mirror, mirrored wall, or a safety mirror, our professionals can help your mirror to look its best. We also offer numerous different types of framed mirrors to offer an element of visual interest in your home d├ęcor. Are you in need of mirrored closet doors to accentuate your bedroom? Our services include the ability to produce custom, top-of-the-line bi-fold and sliding mirror closet doors. We also offer beveled mirrors, glass mirror counter top designs, and mirror table top designs. With our mirror options, you can enjoy greater beauty in your home as well as the ability to quickly check your appearance.

Shower Enclosures

As spa-like baths become increasingly popular, we are proud to offer our valued clients an array of glass shower options. From standard sliding tub & shower enclosure options to frameless shower enclosure choices, you can count on us to deliver unparalleled quality. Our services also include the ability to build custom shower doors. We completely understand that one-size-fits-all does not always fit everyone's needs. Our doors are glazed using only the highest quality and are constructed to provide the cleanest appearance possible. Each of our designs meets full industry standards and is designed to provide your bathroom with a feeling of style and luxury. With our frame-less shower enclosure designs, you can enjoy a sense of spaciousness that is uninterrupted by a bulky frame. From stall shower doors to steam shower enclosure options, we can provide you with the shower of your dreams.

Glass Guardrail & Handrail

When you need a guardrail or handrail in your home but you desire a contemporary feel, our glass guardrail & handrail designs are the ideal option. Not only can you rely on us to provide you with an innovative design that you will be proud to have in your home but you can also rest assured that our designs meet all safety standards.

Table Tops

Express your own personal sense of style when you choose us to design table tops for your home. When it comes to designing a beautiful home or office space, there are few things that can compare to the sparkling beauty of a glass tabletop. With options available in any custom size or shape, glass tabletops offer a perfect blend of durability, beauty, and functionality. Such a wide array of options makes it possible for you to design a table top to meet your distinctive sense of style for any room in your home. A glass table top can also offer protection for your furniture by protecting wood finishes from water ring damage and scratches. Our services include the ability to cut your table top precisely to the size and shape you need. Additionally, our table tops are made of the highest quality glass possible to ensure lasting elegance that is safe for both residential and commercial environments. We are also able to replace practically any type of table top, including dining room table tops, coffee table tops, vanity table tops, desk table tops, patio table tops, kitchen table tops. Our experienced staff can even capable handle the replacement of antique furniture table tops.

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